Impact of Venturefest

Venturefest is a one-day multi-faceted event with exhibition. Combined with the process of creating the event, Venturefest brings together three core groups, innovators, investors and entrepreneurs to strengthen connections between them. In addition to networking opportunities for these groups it also provides a forum for presenting practical advice, ideas and funding options to entrepreneurs and start-ups, particularly in the technology, knowledge and science fields.

The event covers a range of activities through the day and evening including scheduled networking, keynote presentations, competitions, seminars, showcasing and exhibitions. Through the Venturefest organising group and the event itself, Venturefest aims to help drive more successful commercialisation of research and innovation and bring together local innovation systems. It provides a platform for showcasing sector strengths of an area’s local economy.

Enabling investment

Creating new investments for companies pitching for funding

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Job creation

Leading job creation in local communities

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Technical Know-How:

Influencing business and innovation strategies

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Technical Know-Whom:

Increasing networking and business collaboration

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An important role in the wider innovation eco-system

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Next Steps

Committed to evaluating and improving quality

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