Technical Know-Whom: strengthening connections within the innovation eco-system

Venturefest delegates find the innovation show case, the stands, the presentations and above all the informal networking to be useful as an efficient way to connect both with those they already know and with new contacts. 81% of delegates surveyed at Venturefest Oxford reported at least one contact that they had followed up with the average being 2.5 per delegate. 73% of the delegates at Venturefest Yorkshire reported success in contacting new clients and customers, and 64% with new business partners. Almost half the delegates at Venturefest Yorkshire reported the day as helping to increase networking and business collaboration.

The level of repeat attendees is high and testifies to Venturefest’s success in providing what one delegate described as ‘six months networking in a day’. The benefits of this are not only the new business opportunities that arise from the serendipity of unexpected connections between those with problems and others with solutions but also the long term value of a strengthened network of trusted relationships that can be mobilised at short notice to respond to the sorts of new opportunities and challenges that are the reality of complex and constantly changing economic circumstances.

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Increasing networking and business collaboration

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